- Qu Rahn on Yun

Yun, the newest member of the Dark Jedi, as seen in the Dark Forces 2 cutscenes.

Yun (played by Rafer Weigel)is one of the Dark Jedi -the newest member to be exact- and is the first boss encountered in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2


Yun is arrogant and cocky. In Kyle's first encounter with him, he catches Kyle off-guard, and hits him with a blast of Force energy after destroying the map to the Valley of the Jedi. He then seems to taunt Kyle saying he "somehow expected more", having never known a light side Jedi. Even still, Kyle manages to defeat Yun. Despite all this however, during the canon, Light side path, Yun sacrifices his life to give Kyle a fighting change against Sariss as well as giving him his yellow lightsaber.


Yun showed great potential as a child, and it can be inferred that Jerec saw part of himself in the youth. Yun is the lowest ranked amongst Jerec's minions, but he is by no means an easy opponent. He employs a great many Force powers, arrogantly exhibiting his mastery at every opportunity.

Fighting Style

Yun employs a series of Force powers during combat with the player. He will often use Force jump combined with a downward slash to attack the player. He also is able to use Force Persuasion as well as Force Blind in order to confuse and disorient his opponent. Since Kyle will not have access to Force Sight to counteract these ability's, the best strategy is to keep moving. Luckily, Yun's mastery of these force powers are not a very high level and consequently do not last too long.

Yun is aggressive and will strike whenever Kyle is in range. If the player is quick, they can often circle around Yun and score a hit while he is still swinging.

Dark Ending

If the player follows the non-canon, Dark side path, instead of crashing the Moldy Crow after escaping the falling Sulon Star, Kyle lands safely and fights Yun for the second time, rather than fight Sariss. This also means that Kyle keeps his original, green lightsaber.

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