An in-game model of the Stormtrooper rifle.

The Stormtrooper rifle is a weapon in the Jedi Knight games. It is mostly used by Stormtroopers and Imperials alike, but has also been used by other enemies, such as Grans.


The Stormtrooper rifle, also known as the E-11 Blaster Rifle, is a rapid-firing weapon that deals fairly strong damage to most enemies. It is however, very inaccurate, firing erratically in different directions, but within a small cone. It is mostly used at close ranges. It feeds on energy cells, but unlike the Bryar pistol, its shots use 2 points of ammunition instead of one. This combined with its poor accuracy, makes for a fairly wasteful weapon. To compensate for this, Stormtrooper rifles are very plentiful. Stormtrooper rifles are the most common weapon found in the game. They are the primary weapon of the Empire's Imperial Stormtroopers, but are used by typically every other kind enemy throughout the game, though enemies of the same species use other weapons commonly also. The Stormtrooper rifle has only one firing mode.

Per shot, Stormtrooper rifles are inferior to the Bryar Pistol. However, their damage per second is a bit higher than the Bryar simply because Stormtrooper rifles fire faster. 

In Mysteries of the Sith , players may find and use an attachment to the Stormtrooper rifle that turns it into a powerful sniper rifle. The attachment provides a low-light, variable zoom scope capable of manual or automatic zooming. The attachment also makes each shot cost 4 energy cells (twice normal ammo cost), perfectly accurate, travel much faster, and capable of killing most humanoid enemies in one or two hits (roughly 3 to 5 times more powerful than an unmodified Stormtrooper rifle). The Scout class in multiplayer starts wtih the Stormtrooper rifle and the sniping attachment.

It should be noted that even though sniper shots can be deflected with lightsabers , it is quite possible to score hits on a saber-wielding Jedi character by aiming for their legs.

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