An in-game screenshot of a common Stormtrooper.

Stormtroopers are common foot-soldiers enlisted by the Imperial Remnant. They aren't found until level 6 of Jedi Knight, and level 1 of Mysteries of the Sith.


Common stormtroopers carry only Stormtrooper rifles. Field Troopers carry either Stormtrooper rifles, repeater rifles, or rail detonators. They can be identified by their backpacks and colored shoulder-plate. Repeater-carrying troopers have a red plate while soldier troopers have a orange plate, elite troopers have a gold plate, detonator-carrying troopers have a yellow plate.

All stormtroopers are easy to defeat as they have low health and are not very smart. They all attack the same way by firing whatever weapon they are given. However, detonator-carrying troopers can melee attack the player if he/she get close enough. Stormtroopers are usually found in groups of 2 or more. Troopers given more powerful weapons can be found alone at times too.

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