An in-game model of Max.

Max is an anthropomorphic rabbit from the video game and comic series, "Sam and Max". The series first got it's own game called, "Sam and Max: Hit the Road", which was developed by LucasArts. As a reference to this, Max was placed as an easter-egg in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2.


An in-game screenshot of Max, sitting on the couch where he is found in level 5; "Barons Hed: The Fallen City".

Unlike most NPCs, Max has a high amount of health, equaling around the same amount as a Dark Jedi (however more than Yun, as he is the first boss). Max also does not play a death animation when killed. Instead, he just plays the same idle animation, but takes on the attributes of a corpse, such as lack of collision. However if he is activated like a switch or door, he will aproach the room's door to exit. The player has to open the door for him. He will then wander the level, killing enemies and non-combat NPCs alike. If he is attacked by the player, he will return fire. If he is killed after being activated, he will freeze standing instead of playing any animation, but still becomes a corpse.

Max weilds a modified Bryar pistol, which fires green bolts instead of red that inflict high amounts of damage, especially on the player.


  • If the player pushes Max outside instead of activating him, and attacks him, he will not fire back.
  • Max having a modified Bryar pistol is ironic, as the weapon is already a modified rendition of a Bryar rifle.
  • If Max has been activated and let outside, the player can activate him again, letting them see from his view. A HUD message is also displayed reading, "It's MaxVision(tm)!"
  • Max's face can also be seen, three times, on a pipe in level 9 just as the level ends.
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