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Jerec, the leader of the Dark Jedi, and the main antagonist of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2.

Jerec (played by Christopher Neame) is a powerful Miraluka sith, the leader of the Dark Jedi, and the main antogonist of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2.

Formerly a Sith Inquisitor, Jerec showed incredible promise in his career, reaching a point where he considered himself a worthy successor to Emperor Palpatine himself. After the downfall of the Emperor, Jerec sought out the Valley of the Jedi, to grant himself even greater power, in an attempt to become the most powerful Jedi who ever lived.

Character Details

Jerec is a power-hungry being, hoping to gain control of all of the galaxy. He get help from his Dark Jedi members as well as from the Imperial Remnant.

He uses his own red lightsaber and the force as weapons. Jerec, like all Miralukas, has the ability to overshadow his oponent's connection to the force, if they can use it.

He also uses the force to sense everything around him, as his Miraluka species is notoriously blind, yet adept in the force. Even with this, in the actual game, Jerec rarely uses the force as a weapon.

He mainly will pull away any weapon the player tries to use on him except the lightsaber (and of course fists).

As the final boss, he is on of the hardest of the Dark Jedi to defeat, especially with his ability to heal himself for a period of time in the Valley Core. It is at this time he pulls two statues to block your way into the core so that he may instantly destroy you.


Jerec is clad entirely in tough black leather-like armour, adorned with crimson-red insignias, casting a hellish appearance. As a Miraluka, he possesses no sight, indeed his eyes themselves are missing, a black band concealing the empty sockets. He, like many dark Jedi, wields a red lightsaber.


Jerec is Kyle Katarn's final challenge in the core of the Valley of the Jedi. He is the strongest opponent Kyle will face, due in part to his tendency to rejuvenate himself in the core, healing his injuries.

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