JED is a level and model editor for the Jedi Knight games written by Alexei
JED User Level

JED, running on Windows XP, displaying a user-made level. (photo courtesy of JK Hub user, Zero Raven)

Novikov. It displays levels and models as wire-frames, rather than rendering them in full textured 3D. It is an avanced application which is known for having a steep learning curve.

Custom Plug-Ins, developed by various members of the community, are available for JED which expand on the features that come with the application. Most of these plug-ins automated tedious tasks that would have taken the developer a long time to do themselves.

Controversy has always existed between which application for JK community level development was better (JED or JKEdit).

ZED is a modified version of JED developed by ZeqMacaw after Alexei Novikov released the source code to his JED application. ZED contains bug fixes and features, so it is considered a continuation of the JED application development.

Although it is harder to learn than JkEdit, this fact is compensated by the large number of tutorials available on the Massassi Temple

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