Gorc and Pic during the boss fight with them

"It is a mystery why one would call Gorc and Pic twins. Even though one is a miniature version of the other, they look nothing alike. They also don't battle alike. Pic is the energy and Gorc, the counter. They are the clashing balance of opposites: one, the voice; the other, the body. This combination is deadly."
―Qu Rahn

Gorc his 'brother' Picaroon C. Boodle were formerly a Gamorrean and a Kowakian monkey lizard (respectively) which were both mutated by General Cronal into Sithspawn, granting them the abilities of the Force.

Pic was voiced by Denny Delk in 'Dark Forces 2', but Gorc only produced animalistic grunts until the audio drama of 'Rebel Agent' where he was voiced by Gary Groomes.



As with many Gamorreans, Gorc is massive in stature, but made even more-so by the mutations he suffered at the hands of General Cronal. Gorc's lightsaber is almost as tall as his prey, Kyle Katarn, in order to match his own massive stature.


Being a smaller creature by nature, Pic is literally dwarfed by his twin. Pic is the faster of the two, owing to his size, and his combat is of a much faster and eclectic style.


Gorc and Pic filled the role of labourers within Jerec's team, doing the dirty jobs that nobody else wanted to do. In particular, they were sent after 8t88 by Jerec as a means of tying up loose ends. They deactivated the droid and severed his head, and confronted Kyle Katarn when he came looking for the droid.

The two work as a team, as Gorc is too large and slow to avoid attacks, but Pic is to small and weak to do any real damage to a target. As such, Pic plays the role of misdirecting their opponents, while Gorc is the full-frontal attacker.

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