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Boc Aseca was one of the six dark jedi that accompanied Jerec on the quest for the valley of the jedi. Upon meeting Kyle Katarn, he destroys the lightsaber Master Rahn gave to Kyle. But soon after, Kyle took up Yun's lightsaber to defeat Boc. Boc also wields two purple lightsabers, which is abnormal given most dark jedi use a red one. Sariss, one of the dark jedi who also joined Jerec in the quest for the valley of the jedi, often acts unkindly towards Boc, almost as if he is a slave. Boc is the only character in single player mode who use force destruction.

Character Details

The character of Boc was portrayed by Time Winters during cutscenes, and his name is taken from the Spanish / Portuguese 'Boca Seca', which means 'dry mouth' (as possible allusion to Boc's raspy, gasping manner of speech).


Boc is a Twi'lek, although what is unusual for his species is that his skin is deathly pale, bordering on snow white. His red eyes and lips give him an appearance reminiscent of albinism.

His fighting style is shown to be very hyperactive and energetic, giving him an appearance of madness. Even his concept art displays his body in a twisted, almost broken-looking pose.


Boc is Jerec's right-hand-man, his trusted confidant and companion. As previously mentioned, Boc's fighting style is very random and energised, which is a sharp and equal contrast to Jerec's measured, calculated approach.


Boc Aseca (portrayed by Time Winters) during certain cutscenes

Boc Aseca concept art

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